Learn to increase your odds on how to win lottery

Who don't dream of winning a lottery in fact it is the dream of everyone even those who have much money however winning a lottery don't purely depend on luck. Yes, many winners are lucky enough to win by chance but it seldom happens. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you need to learn how to increase your odds. Here are the three methods:

1. Decide whether you choose a quick picks or self-picks

If you believe that luck is the ultimate way to win a lottery then no need to choose your pick. The machine may randomly pick numbers as your bet or you may choose numbers that suddenly comes into your mind. However self - picks are number of your choice, it might be the numbers that are remarkable to you like your birthday, your kid's birthday or any special dates or it can be also the number that comes up after series of analysis of previous results. It is also incorrect to think that winning numbers today may not come up the other day. Considering that it is randomly selected the possibility of coming back is great.

2. Buy scratch cards

Probably investing in a small payout has a bigger chance of winning. A scratch card usually has odds between 1 and 5 so consider 1 2 5 for pick up or purchase 1-5 cards for sure one of it will allot you win.

3. Apply techniques and strategies

The more tickets you have the more chances of winning the lottery game, so most probably fifty tickets has more odds of winning than 1 or 10. "Many heads are better than one" joining a group or creating a group of gamblers who are willing to share their winning tickets may help. Although being in a group you need to share your possible winnings to your group mate but it gives you more chances of winning.

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