Lottery Scams Online Are Tempting - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

It's really quite amazing that lottery scams online continue to persist. How do some of these guys have the nerve and why would these fraudsters be so persistent? Do people actually get suckered into believing that they are real? If so what kind of people, could possibly fall for such a thing?

Lottery scams online are certainly nothing new. The fact that new ones still come out after all these years would indicate spamming people as they are clearly doing, is still very profitable to do every day.

With regulated ISP providers that are creditable, no such behavior is tolerated and anyone who is spamming has their account closed. Unfortunately in countries like China things are slightly different, and it's easy to send out millions of emails by bulk, in the hope some poor gullible souls open these messages and believe they've hit the jackpot.

When these very first appeared many years ago and everyone was new to the online world, some folk would be sorely tempted to believe these emails were creditable to the point of convincing themselves. One can imagine huge sums of money, no doubt in the millions were stolen from these poor unsuspecting folk.

Regrettably, things have now evolved to selling bogus business opportunities online. These emails offer a teaser email accompanied by a link, where either the recipient is exposed to some 20 odd pages of top notch sales copy, or transferred to a video of an actor purporting to be a multi-millionaire, and he'll make them rich. Unfortunately the guy's just some shameless actor and part of the convincing scheme, out to make a buck at someone else's expense.

National lottery scams and other such things designed to fleece the online public is bound to continue, as long as people believe they are real and part with money. Far better putting it in a slot machine, at a reputable online casino. They've a legitimate chance of winning something and can have a bit of fun too. It's got to better than getting ripped off, eh?

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